The great Post-it war of 2011

We had a meeting with our manufacturer representatives from 3M the other day and we found out about a pretty cool trend happening in different cities across the globe that is being referred to as the Post-it Wars. Now, I for one LOVE Post-it notes so I found this Post-it War particularly entertaining and wanted to share with all of you.  

So here’s the scoop. In the Spring of 2011 several companies in the business district of Paris embarked on what would soon be dubbed the Post-it Wars of 2011. The “war” started when a French video gaming company created a Post-it mosaic of a small video game character on one of their street-facing windows. Soon after they posted this, a French bank across the street came back with an even larger, much more complex Post-it creation. The gaming company then retaliated with another, even bigger creation of their own. Soon as the windows of these two neighboring buildings started to fill up with Post-it mosaics, other businesses in the area began to take notice and started creating their own and the “war” spread throughout the city of Paris. By August, 2011 one of the companies involved created a website for the Post-it Wars where thousands of photos of Post-it mosaics from across the globe can be found. They also created a Facebook page which has almost 60,000 fans.

The Post-it War spread to other countries like Germany and New Zealand and found its way over to the U.S. in the Fall of 2011. Tech companies in Seattle, Washington began to participate by posting mosaics of video game characters and popular cartoon characters on the windows of their offices.

While some may feel it’s wasted productivity, Ubisoft, one of the companies who started the war says “It’s all positive basically because you get people from all around the company, people who don’t know each other and get to know each other over the course of a few days, it’s really good team building.” (CNN)

Check out some of the cool creations from the Post-it War!

What do you think about the Post-it Wars… good for team building or a waste of time? Comment below!

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4 Responses to The great Post-it war of 2011

  1. elaine says:

    Great for morale, teambuilding and bringing out the creative spirit!

  2. Roseanna says:

    a few people with a lot of time on there hands. Truely amazing what can be done with Post-it notes. I am not that creative but would love to try.

    • Staci says:

      I can’t even imagine how much time some of these took to make… some of them take up like 5 stories of a building!! Maybe a smaller version could be fun to test out. :)

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