Creative uses for office products – an old stamp pad for sealing envelopes?

sponge envelope sealerI for one think this following tip is an awesome use for an old office supply. Maybe it’s┬ábecause I’ve always had issues sealing envelopes. I don’t like licking them for 2 reasons… first – I don’t like the taste, and second – anyone remember Susan from Seinfeld??! Now I know there are lots of envelope sealers out there, but I always end up making a mess with those somehow…especially when sealing a lot of envelopes at a time like with holiday cards, invitations, etc. So in my opinion, THIS is a really cool solution for anyone else having similar postage issues as myself.

So all you have to do is take an old, dried out ink pad and remove the ink… then replace that with a wet sponge… and voila now you have an envelope sealer that you could use to moisten stamps too!

Now, I haven’t actually tried this yet, but it seems really good in theory and it doesn’t seem like it would make a mess either. I’m definitely going to try this when it comes time to send holiday cards this year!


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