5 of the most popular career-related New Year’s Resolutions…and how to keep them!

happy new yearMost of us make New Year’s Resolutions each year. The most popular resolutions for 2012 had to do with getting in shape/getting healthy, managing debt/saving money, and enhancing education/career (dailyinfographic.com). Here are 5 of our favorite career-related New Year’s Resolutions along with some tips on how to stick with them from Forbes.com’s list of Top 10 Career-related New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Be more organized
    Aim to create an organization system that works for YOU and helps you manage your time effectively. Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to come up with a whole new system for everything that you do, just focus on a couple key areas where you want to be organized and maintain that throughout the year.
  2. Improve work-life balance
    Clearly identify your boundaries and stick to them. Find ways to create balance. For example, if you know you have a lot of work to do one day but you also want to go to your son’s soccer game, come in earlier so you can get the work done and leave on time.
  3. Get a promotion
    Talk to your manager to understand what it will take to achieve your goal of getting promoted and what a realistic timeline is. Before you really pursue this goal though,  you’ll want to evaluate two things – what value you bring, and what your company needs.
  4. Improve work relationships
    Improve relationships with your co-workers and boss. It all comes down to communication. Talk to your boss – let them know about your progress/what you’re working on, tell them you’re there to help, talk to them about their expectations, etc. Get to know your co-workers better. Work on collaboration and cooperation among your teammates.
  5. Get better with emails and voicemails
    Set aside a time each day to respond to voicemails and emails that you haven’t been able to get to throughout the day. Make an effort to get back to people promptly, preferably within the same day. Learn to prioritize based on the type of request, who is asking, deadlines, etc.

Check out the rest of Forbes’ list of top 10 career-related New Year’s Resolultions.

Do you have any career-related resolutions for 2013? Comment below! 

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