NEOS’ Countdown to 2013 Sweepstakes – a chance to win great prizes every week until 2013!

Can you believe that we have less than a month left until 2013 is here??! It’s scary how quick this year went by. We wanted to send 2012 out with a bang and celebrate the upcoming year… and what better way to do that than by having a fun contest and giving away cool prizes??

Introducing our Countdown to 2013 Sweepstakes! We will be giving away great prizes every Friday for the month of December. Each week will be a different prize, and each week will have multiple winners… until the last week when we will have a grand prize and ONE winner. We will reveal each week’s prize every Monday morning on our Facebook page and you will have until 12:00pm (EST) that Friday to enter for that prize. Each week we will announce a new prize, and each week you can enter to win. Over the course of 4 weeks, we’re going to be drawing 13 winners!

Week 1 - 

This week is Week 1 of the Sweepstakes and we are giving away a Post-it Note Dispenser to 6 lucky winners! This week’s winners will be contacted via email this Friday morning and announced on our Facebook page Friday afternoon. Winners will be able to choose which Post-it Dispenser they’d like to receive – the Purse, the Pebble, or the Original.

Here’s how to enter. LIKE our Facebook page. Then stop by our page every Monday to find out that week’s prize and we’ll give you the link to the entry form for that week. For this week’s prize – click here to enter (you can LIKE our page from here too). Make sure you enter by 12:00pm this Friday if you want to be included in the Week 1 prize drawing!

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