5 (more) geeky products I’d love to have in my workspace

I did a post a while back about geeky products I want for my cubicle. Well since that time, I’ve come across MANY more fun products I’d like to add to my wishlist. Here are 5 more of those cool/geeky products. I think if I had all of these AND the 7 that I had posted before, I would have one pretty awesome cubicle.

A USB Toaster Hub and Thumbdrives. I think this is the cutest thing ever… the pieces of toast even have little faces on them and come in 4 varieties – “butta”, “ry ry”, “crisp”, and “tato”.

USB toaster hub and thumb drives

Keyboard Desk Set. Made to resemble a keyboard… comes with a mini stapler, mini hole punch, and a keyboard brush. Very clever!

keyboard desk set


Balding Sticky Notes.The the more you use, the less you have –  less sticky notes and less hair! Hilarious.balding sticky notes


USB Toast Handwarmers. Not sure what is up with the whole “toast” theme, but I’m running with it because I think it’s cool. Keep your hands “toasty” if you work in a cold office, or if you’re just always cold like I am. Just plug into a USB port on your computer and in just a few seconds your hands will be warm. AND you can easily type while you’re wearing them!
USB toast handwarmer


Keyboard meets Typewriter.Combines the classic look of a typewriter with the modern functionality of a keyboard. Genius!keyboard typewriter

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2 Responses to 5 (more) geeky products I’d love to have in my workspace

  1. Kim says:

    Ha! Love this stuff! If only I could get the boss to pay for it all (not holding my breath), my office would get a fun, total geek makeover! LOL

  2. Staci says:

    haha they’d definitely be conversation pieces, that’s for sure!

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