Creative uses for office supplies: 3 tech items you can clean with an eraser

Do you ever get nervous cleaning tech items around your house with a cleaner of any kind because you’re afraid you’ll ruin them and they won’t work anymore? Well it appears that an eraser can do the trick just as well as cleaners, without the worry of ruining your gadgets! Check out these 3 household tech items that can be cleaned with an eraser (from

  • Your computer. Get rid of scuff marks and grime on your laptop or computer by simply erasing the “dirt” on the effected areas. You can also try this on your keyboard keys and mouse. Just make sure the eraser you’re using is clean! I actually just tried this on my mouse and my laptop screen and it worked!
  • Cell phone keys.  If you have a Blackberry or any other cell phone that has actual keys on it, you can use the eraser trick to clean off the buttons. Do this once a week, you’ll be surprised at how much grime builds up during the week!
  • The remote control. Let’s admit it, as much as we’d like to say that we eat at the dinner table every night, many of us find ourselves eating in front of the television. Even if you DO eat at the dinner table, I’m sure you probably snack a little bit while watching tv at night. Sometimes the remote control can get a little messy… from food, or just being passed around from person to person over time. Using an eraser can clean up the buttons and in between them.  
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