“It’s Aliveee!” – 7 products that will make your workspace come to life!

I love doing posts about fun ways to decorate your cubicle or workspace. And this time I thought it would be fun to do a post about how to add some life to your workspace… literally. Check out these 7 earthy products that will help liven up your cubicle… they’ll make you feel like you’re not in a cubicle anymore… almost.

1. Snail Tape Dispenser - you’ll never lose this guy! Get it, because he’s a snail and he’s slow?? (sorry that was corny)
snail tape dispenser

2. Tulip USB port - a bright and cheery charging station. 4 USB ports, plugs into the USB drive on your computer.
tulip USB port

3. Egg Paperclip Nest - a very clever way to keep your paperclips organized. The egg is magnetic so your paperclips will stick to it and form this cool looking nest.
egg paperclip nest

4.  Grass Charging Station - this is a great way to hide all of the charging cords for your electronic devices. A compartment underneath hides all of the cords and adapters. You just snake the charging cables up through the grass and attach them to your devices.
grass charging station

5. Monkey Cable Holder - this little brown rubber monkey is filled with internal wires that allow him to “hug” your loose cords. Such a cute way to keep all of your cords organized! 
monkey cable holder

6. Mini Cloud Cork Boards - these mini cork boards come with double-stick tape and stick-on magnetic strips so you can attach them to your walls, file cabinets, or anywhere else in your workspace!
cloud cork board

7. Water-powered Clock - just fill the reservoir in the back with water, and this clock will start working right away and keep working as long as the water remains. You can even add flowers to dress up your workspace even more. 
water powered clock


Note: Items 1-4 were found on the HON Company Pinterest page - http://pinterest.com/honcompany/

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