What your dreams about work REALLY mean: 5 of the most common work-related dreams and their meanings

dreams about workDo you ever find yourself having dreams (or nightmares) about work? It makes sense, since we spend so much time at work that’d we’d dream about it from time to time too. I know I personally have a reoccurring dream where I forget to go to work and I forget to tell my boss that I’m not going in to work that day… that dream always stresses me out!

I always think it’s fun to try to remember my dreams when I wake up and then go online to look up what they mean, so I figured it would be fun to share with you the most common dreams about work and what they really mean. It’s interesting because pretty much all of the most popular dreams about work aren’t exactly GOOD dreams and they seem to focus on our fears. With that said, here are 5 of the most common work-related dreams and their meanings

  1. Being late for work. This kind of dream can represent a feeling of insecurity or lack of control about your career in general.
  2. Missing a deadline. Dreaming about missing a deadline could mean a couple of different things. First, that you feel unprepared or disorganized at work. Second, it could represent a fear of missing out on an opportunity at work like a promotion.
  3. Being unprepared for a presentation. This kind of dream usually represents a lack of confidence in your abilities/skills at work and a level of discomfort with your knowledge of your job duties. Dreaming about messing up a presentation or being totally unprepared showcases your lack of confidence in front of your boss and possibly even the entire company, thus intensifying this fear.
  4. Getting fired. Dreams about being fired signify an intense fear of change…this change could have to do with any aspect of your life, not just work.
  5. Getting a promotion. Finally, a GOOD dream about work! This type of dream symbolizes that you are confident in your abilities at your job and that you feel that your work is being properly recognized and making your boss happy.

Do you have any reoccurring dreams about work? Comment below! 

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sources: forbes.com, monster.com

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