NEOS’ Top 10 Eco-friendly Office Products

In honor of April being “Green” month, we thought we’d put together a list of the Top 10 Eco-friendly Office Products that we sell. These are favorites around our office and with our customers as well. They are all very good quality products and very eco-friendly. Consider these as “green” options to some of the products you may already be buying.

  1. Pilot B2P pen – Made from recycled water bottles.
  2. Post-it Greener Notes – The “green” version of the classic Post-it Note that we all love.
  3. NEOS Toilet Tissue – Both of the NEOS standard toilet tissue is manufactured by Cascades, one of the greenest manufacturers of paper products in North America.
  4. Tombow correction tape – Now the greenest of all correction tapes.
  5. Cardinal Eco Smart Binders – High recycled content, right down to the rings.
  6. Domtar Earth Choice Paper – An awesome story on managing the carbon footprint.
  7. Eco Products – Any of their products would qualify but we especially like the Plant starch cutlery… great quality too!
  8. Havells spiral white energy saver light bulbs 
  9. Elite Image remanufactured cartridges – It goes without saying the tons of really bad stuff that goes into landfills with laser cartridges.  By using and then returning for remanufacturing Elite is, well just that!
  10. Blue Recycling Bin – Everyone should have one.

Check out the Green page on our website for tons more eco-friendly products!

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