Check out 5 of the coolest company breakrooms

Sometimes during the workday you just need a mental break to recharge your battery. While most offices have a company breakroom or cafeteria that you can go during lunch hour or whenever the need arises, some people prefer to leave the building and go for a walk, or go run some errands. Well in these 5 offices, you may never want to leave the building since their breakrooms are probably cooler than anything you’ll find outside of the building! Check out 5 of the coolest company breakrooms from below…

Employee Club House
Called the High Street Retreat, this employee “club house” was created at Principal Financial Group in Des Moines. They did a survey of their employees and found that most felt the office was “too uptight”, so they made it their goal to create some fun in the workplace. They created this “club house” that consists of pinball, foosball, air hockey, arcade games, books, vending machines, and whiteboards.
employee club house, businessweek

Breakroom Bowling
The company, RealNetworks in Seattle took a very interesting approach to redesigning their office… with the company breakroom in mind. They had an atrium with a cafeteria, kitchen, and foosball and Ping-Pong tables installed. Also part of the new design was a 3 lane bowling alley!
office bowling alley, businessweek

A NorthWest Nest
This breakroom may be a little strange looking at first, but it’s actually a really cool concept. It was created at Portland, Oregon advertising firm Wieden and Kennedy with the goal of being a relaxing space for employees. Actual natural elements were used such as sticks and willow saplings. Looks pretty relaxing to us!  
nest breakroom, businessweek

Hoops anyone?
Software publisher Vocus in Maryland has an on-site basketball court which they say really boosts teamwork and morale at the office… there is a pickup game going on almost every day. They also have an “oasis lounge” which includes a big screen tv, comfy seating and, a giant fish tank.
breakroom basketball, businessweek

Gamer Central
Popcap Games in Seattle created a breakroom that really fits their culture and their industry – the gaming industry. Since most of their employees are game developers who sit in front of a computer all day, they wanted a space where employees could spend time together face to face. So they created a “rumpus room”, a video-game haven where friendly competition on the X-Box, foosball table, Ping-Pong table, or arcade machine is encouraged.
gamer breakroom, businessweek

Check out Business Week’s full list of the best company breakrooms!

Which of these breakrooms would you enjoy the most? Comment below! 

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