Creative uses for office supplies: 2 easy tricks for opening jar tops

I wouldn’t consider myself a weakling, but sometimes I DO need some extra help when it comes to opening jars or containers around the house. My trick is usually just to bang the jar lid on the counter top or to start hitting it with a butter knife… these tricks usually DO work, but they make a lot of noise and could end up making a big mess. So here are a couple of easier tricks to open tricky jar tops using office supplies…

mouse pad to open jarUse a mouse pad. Most mouse pads have a rubber padding or grip on the bottom which makes them perfect for opening tricky jars. The cheapo or free mouse pads usually work best for this because they are more flexible.


Use a rubberband. This trick can open all sorts of jars/containers, large or small. Just wrap the rubberband around the top of the container and it will give you that extra grip that you need.
rubberband jar opener_realsimple



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