Can a culture of honesty benefit your business?

honestyIn today’s business world, we hear a lot of talk about “corporate culture” and how companies like Zappos have been wildly successful because of a strong corporate culture. Corporate culture is the collective beliefs, value systems, and processes within a company ( When employees at a company all share a similar vision and values, they are able to function as one entity and that company runs more smoothly… it’s like everyone is on the same page 100% of the time.


The folks at Software Advice recently shared with us an article published on their blog, “Why Honesty is the Secret Ingredient of Successful Organizations” that I thought was interesting and related well to the topic of corporate culture.  After reading the article, I started thinking about what really does make a company successful and it’s employees happy. And one thing that came to mind is communication and more specifically after reading the article, honest communication. Open and honest communication between management and employees is necessary for a company to succeed. Employees need to feel like they can speak openly and honestly and that their opinions are truly valued. They also need to feel that their employers are reciprocating. Think about how much more successful a company would be if employees feel empowered to speak up if they don’t think something is working, rather than just continue to do something just because that’s the way it’s always been done.

Do you think a culture of open communication and honesty would lead a company to be more successful? If so, check out Software Advice’s 4 strategies for implementing this type of culture at your company.


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