Become a “Procurement Ninja” at the NEOS Expo on 9/12!

little ninjaThe NEOS Expo on 9/12 is quickly approaching! We are VERY excited about this year’s seminar – Become a Procurement Ninja. This seminar was modeled after our popular e-book “8 Steps Towards Better Procurement Process Management”.

If you are an administrative, purchasing, or similar professional, and you find yourself being asked to take on more responsibilities – with less help, and to accomplish more- while reducing expenses… this seminar is for you!

In this 30-minute seminar, you’ll dive in to the 8 steps to develop a more efficient procurement process for your company’s office, janitorial, breakroom, and technology supplies and get you on your way towards becoming a Procurement Ninja“.

Sign up today… seats are filling up fast!

 Click here to RSVP to the EXPO and/or the seminar

If you have RSVP’d to the show, but haven’t signed up for the seminar


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